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19th September 2007.
Three M Drivers
Why? No, really, why?

As cyclists, we all know that motorists are capable of strange behavioural displays. Most of us also drive and I'm sure we're all part of the majority who drive safely and predictably.

But lets talk about the myopic, moronic minority. I've just noticed that that makes them a "Three M" driver.

When on an empty, long dual carriageway, where the only two vehicles to be seen in it's entire length are yourself on your trusty cycle and, for the sake of argument, a BMW driver, why does the latter skim by the former (an extra layer of paint on the BMW and it's an accident kind of skim) completely ignoring the empty lane to their right. Why, I ask for the love of all that is good why? And then why, 10 yards in front of you do they indicate right and then move across in plenty of time for the next junction?

No really, why?

It makes you want to take your pump and insert it into them in such a way that they might drop their mobile from one hand and their cigarette lighter from the other then perhaps grab the steering wheel in an effort to avert their pain. That's one way to enforce that law, I suppose. Perhaps a new car seat design might take that effect into account and force Three M drivers to keep both hands on the wheel. Hey, I've seen Eurotrash, those seats already exist.

Just one in a series of 19734782 of silly things that Three M Motorists do.


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