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19th November 2007.
Am I within my rights to slash the tyres of a car?
It's my civic duty

Perhaps you need a bit more information, so letís create a scenario. In this scenario, weíll create 2 characters, a cyclist who for the sake of argument weíll call Fantastic Mr Gazza, and a motorist who weíll call Mr Evil Bístardo.

While cycling around a traffic island the Fantastic Mr Gazza heard the noise of a car engine behind him. Looking behind, he saw a car being driven about 6 inches off his back wheel. As the conditions we quite icy, Fantastic Mr Gazza damn near wet himself. Mr BíStardo started sounding his horn. Now Fantastic Mr Gazza had no where to go, moving to the left or right would spell almost certain disaster. Stopping would see him dead. So he kept going and hoped that he didnít hit any ice or Mr BíStardo didnít lose control of his car. Turning off that the exit, the car overtook and Mr Bístardo shouted abuse and gesticulated in a way that wasnít very nice.

The Fantastic Mr Gazza couldnít understand what had just gone on but was just relieved to get away with his life. But then he noticed the car driven by Mr Bístardo turn into a car park. Fantastic Mr Gazza decided to ask for an explanation from Mr BíStardo for the rush that was worth risking another personís life for. So he followed Mr BíStardo around the car park while the driver did his best to lose the cyclist. It didnít happen so the motorist pulled in. Mr BíStardo got very aggressive. He came out of the car almost swinging his fists. The Fantastic Mr Gazza thought that Mr BíStardo couldnít have had sex in a very long time. In fact, itís quite possible that Mrs BíStardo had his genitalia in a jar in a cupboard.

When Fantastic Mr Gazza mentioned that he had the carís registration number and that heís quite happy to talk about this incident in front of a policeman, Mr BíStardo went quiet, parked his car correctly and sulked off.

Anyway, Fantastic Mr Gazza racked his brain for something that he might have done that could have caused the problem. He was cycling legally and safely and couldnít think of a thing.

But even if he had done something, letís say he cut in front of the car (which, he most definitely did not do), even then, the dangerous actions of Mr BíStardo are an incredible over-reaction and potentially lethal. Fantastic Mr Gazza feels quite lucky to be alive today.

There seemed to be no reason for Mr BíStardoís antisocial behaviour. Not even Mr BíStardo offered one.

So, would it be ethical to slash his tyres?

I say it is.

What do you think?

Keep Pedalin'


Disclaimer: the above ďscenarioĒ is the work of Tubs2 and any resemblance to real life situations or persons are entirely intentional.

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