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07th October 2009.
Zero Tolerance
How the police could help all good road users

Zero Tolerance.

Thatís whatís needed. Yísee there are two things that are wrong with the roads we share.

First, there is too much congestion. Everyone seems to agree, but they all think itís someone else who should leave their car on the drive. After all, their trip to the local corner shop to buy a paper simply must be made by car.

Secondly, the standard of driving is woefully poor. That isnít to say that people donít have the skills (though Iím sure we all know someone who drives but really doesnít have the aptitude for it), itís to say that people donít care.

All too many drivers simply take a chance. They drive while using a mobile. They speed a little because theyíre late. They shoot the red light because they canít be bothered to apply the brakes, or were going to fast. They use the wrong lane at a junction because they donít want to wait. In summary, theyíre arrogant.

I believe the police should take a zero tolerance stance and prosecute every driver/motorcyclist/cyclist they see breaking road law, however minor that law is.

That should see the roads less populated with more idiots getting banned and/or find the costs of road use getting prohibitive (because of huge fines and insurance premiums), the roads become more pleasant for the rest of us. And those left using the roads should be the considerate, patient road users who care more about the safety of their peers than getting home in time to see eggheads.

Three M drivers[1] would be a thing of the past. As would much of the stress of rush hour traffic.

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