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New!: A buddy of mine is attempting the 3 peak challenge in aid of a very good cause. READ THIS to find out more.
News: So I've joined twitter. Thought I'd try it. Making no promises, but what the heck, lets give it a go.

The newset Hurdman? News: The Next Hurdman won't be keeping me awake at night

Edward James Hurdman News: My Dad. He's going to be missed. A lot.

The Maple Leaf News: When my wife woke up on the 17th of April 2009, she found a Canadian in her bed.

If you're family, click here now! News: Sheila's Wheelers cycle from John O'Groats to Lands End for 3 Charities. Click on above image for more information

Recent Articles
A Motorist Has a Good Point
Then they blew it. (27th July 2010)
The next little Hurdman . . .
. . . won't be keeping me awake at night (18th December 2009)
Zero Tolerance
How the police could help all good road users (7th October 2009)
On the 18th of May 2009
the world lost a great man (1st June 2009)
When my wife woke up this morning. . .
. . . there was a Canadian in her bed (17th April 2009)
I'm Not Paranoid Part 2
It's not just the drivers, everyone wants to crack my ribs. (11th March 2009.)
The Snot Monsters
The boys check in. (14th January 2009)
I'm Not Paranoid
They really are out to get me. (20th October 2008.)
I have no imagination.
Why do I lack the creativity to decorate my surroundings. (2nd September 2008.)
How did I manage that?
A world first? (11th July 2008.)
A useful Cycle Facility
Useful for motorists who need a place to park. (16th June 2008.)
The Latest Hurdman
A Boy called Sophie? (25th April 2008)
I . . Must . . Overtake . .
Why do these idiots think like this? (21st February 2008)
Am I within my rights to slash the tyres of a car?
It's my civic duty! (19th November 2007)
I Take Action To Reduce the Number of Cars on The Road.
One At a Time. (25th October 2007)
What Is The Definition of Dangerous?
Luckily for Amir Khan, His Jury Hadn't a Clue. (25th October 2007)
Tom Loses Only child Status.
Shock News From The Hurdman Camp. (19th October 2007)
Oh Bollards!
And how a 3 M driver tried to crush me against one. (19th October 2007)
An Observation Of Chav
It seems we're all slaves to our preconceptions. (19th September 2007)
Three M Drivers
Why? No really, why? (19th September 2007)
I have a new bike
How cool am I? (16th August 2007)
Tom Checks Back In
See How Tom Is Growing (23rd July 2007)
Corey Says Hello
Sister Sue Squeezes Out Another Child (23rd July 2007)
A Trip up to Cumbria
Climbing Blencathra (10th July 2007)
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