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23rd July 2007.
Tom Checks Back In
It's been a while.

It's about time I updated this site with a bit about nipper.

I'm not tired, let me stay up

Tom is growing into a fine, happy intelligent little chap.

Not sure how we managed to get such a happy kid, perhaps we're brilliant parents. It's far more likely however, that we've been extremely lucky.

He's getting on for 9 months old and can sit up, stand up (provided he holds on to something) and wants to be more mobile. If he sees something he wants to investigate he's wriggling around like a loon until it's either given to him or he flukes getting to it.

The little guy always seems to be laughing. He likes having company but give him some toys and he'll keep himself amused, chattering away. He loves his bath, splashing around and throwing his rubber ducks about.

So, on the whole, he's hunky dory. More than that, he's bloomin' marvellous.

Some Pictures[1]: -

Who? Me?

I'm a cheeky man!

I didn't do it. Nobody saw me do it. You can't prove a thing.

See, I can sit up like a big boy


[1] Most of these pictures were taken on a moble phone camera, so many appologies for the quality.

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