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25th April 2008
The Latest Hurdman
A boy called Sophie.

Nope, I havenít misquoted Johnny Cash. This is the name that number 2 son went under until the Wife and I decided in a name for him. You see, weíd got a name for a girl, we were both happy to call nipper number 2 Sophie if we had a girl. So in lieu of a name, we had a boy called Sophie.

My First Hello

We discussed several names. Some we both liked, others we disagreed on. Of the ones we liked there were a few problems. I like Dominic, but Lisa was a bit apprehensive about calling out for our boys in the park. She said rhyming names would lead to problems, especially for me. Iím mentally challenged and would have difficulty with Tom and Dom.

Lisa wouldnít even discuss the name Jerry, which I felt was almost obligatory given his older brotherís name.

For a while, we had to call nipper number 2 Sophie. At least until we agreed that he should be called Ben.

So, say hello to Ben Edward Hurdman. He was born at 10:20 on the 2nd of April by c-section.

He weighed 7lbs 13oz and just like his brother he managed to knot his umbilical chord so a "normal" delivery couldíve lead to a very different result from the one we had, which appears to be a healthy, lively little boy. They are both very lucky that we have dedicated professionals in the NHS. Itís about time that the politicians started backing them up.*

Mum is doing well, as is the little fella himself. Even Tom has settled into life with a younger brother. It almost appears as though heís already fallen into the role of protective older brother. Whenever Ben murmers Tom rushes to the Moses Basket to give it a rock and offer a reassuring "ssshhhhh" I prefer this to the many years we have ahead of us with them fighting over the lego.


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* Sorry, I canít help myself. Iím just constantly amazed at how politicians undermine the NHS and are currently in the process of effective privatisation of Primary Health Care. Shame on them all. Have they seen the farce that is healthcare in other countries. The sort of healthcare that is only available to those that can afford it?
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