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17th April 2009
When my wife woke up this morning . . .
. . . there was a Canadian in her bed

Yup, because of a change in Canadian Citicizenship and Immigration Law, I woke up this morning a Canadian Citizen

My Mum was a Newfie. She was born in St John's, Newfoundland, Canada

She was denied British Citizenship though she lived in the UK as a permenant resident for almost all of her life.

I was a Canadian when I was born, inheriting my mothers nationality. But I lost citizenship many years ago by not regesitering my intention to retain my Citizenship with CIC[1]. But the dear old Canadian Government have changed the law and as of today, my Canadian Citizenship has been restored.

So, there are a few questions to be answered.

But more importantly, do I actually move there?

After all, it would be a great place to bring up the boys. The Canadian people on the whole, are tolerant friendly people, living in a multi racial society. On the whole, the country is much tidier than the UK (litter hardly exists). The air is cleaner and the rivers less polluted. The country is hardly populated and there are plenty of wide open spaces offering stunning views of mountains and rivers. The lifestyle is good, walking, cycling, camping and swimming in lakes in the Summer, skiing in the winter. Property is cheap, it costs around twelve pounds and fifty five pence to buy a farm. Cost of living is a little cheaper than the UK.

So what do I do?


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