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C.V. of Gary Hurdman
Information Technology Experience
Skills Summary
Skill Experience
C 10 Years

C++ 3 Years

PHP 2 Years

Perl 2 Years
SQL (MySQL, Sybase, Oracle) 7 Years

Unix (Solaris, SCO, Linux) 9 Years

Java Recently Acquired – Skill in development
CVS, SCCS, Subversion, Clear Case 10 Years (Combined, not each)
Personal Overview
I am an experienced and professional Senior Software Engineer with over 10 years experience. I am also ambitious and keen to push myself and the company I work for to the highest limit. I am able to adapt to new skills and use them to my employer’s advantage in a very short space of time. I am able to work to tight, realistic deadlines. I am capable of working alone or as part of a large project team. I have a flexible, agile approach to work and I am quite willing to work outside of normal office hours when the job demands. I also have experience of working in client office locations across the UK and abroad, including Switzerland, Holland, France and the USA.
Main Technical Skill Set
I have worked in many technologies though my main skill set would be C/C++, on Unix (SCO, Solaris, Linux) with the usual array of scripting languages that go with Unix development such as Perl, Shell Script, AWK and Sed. I have experience of programming with BSD Sockets and IPC. It goes without saying that version control software (I have used CVS, SCCS, PVCS, Subversion and Clear Case) and project utilities such as make have been part of my career for as long as I have been developing. I am comfortable with symbolic debuggers, both on the command line (gdb) or as part of a GUI (ddd). Though I have most experience of development on Unix, I have developed for MS operating systems using VC++ and VB. I have great experience in database development and I have used SQL with Oracle (including Pro *C), MySQL and Sybase. I also have some experience of Database Administration though wouldn’t consider myself a DB Administrator. I am a keen developer using Internet technologies particularly PHP. During my career I have created applications ranging from simple user front ends to high volume batch processes and real time transaction processing.
Software Engineering skills
My experience includes technical analysis and design to formal standards, including UML. I also have experience of the full project lifecycle, from requirements analysis to UAT and customer release.
Leadership Skills
I have taken the technical lead on projects for teams of up to 5 C – Unix engineers, and acted as mentor for other developers. I am able to communicate to others the requirements of a project to help ensure that the work is done on time and to budget. In addition, I volunteer as a cycle instructor for the NHS and the leadership and teaching skills I employ in this role have helped develop my IT leadership and teaching skills.
Business Experience
I have worked in many business areas including government, insurance, finance, the railway industry and the primary healthcare industry.
Other Skills
As a keen Software Engineer, in my spare time I can often be found keeping myself busy creating ‘Pet Projects’ using PHP4 (for which I have reference sites), MySQL, C++ and Perl. I have a number of development systems for development on both Microsoft and Linux Systems. I run SUSE 7.1. I have Apache with PHP4 running on both Windows and Linux.
Work History
Capgemini UK
October 06 – Present
Applications Consultant
Industry and Business Area: -
Duties: -
Senselect Ltd
May 06 – October 06
Software Engineer (Contract)
Industry and Business Area: -
Duties: -
Fujitsu Telecommunications
February 06 – May
Software Engineer (Contract)
Industry and Business Area: -
Duties: -
AAH Pharmaceuticals Ltd
October 05 – February 06
Software Engineer (Contract)
Industry and Business Area: -
Duties: -
Certegy Ltd
December 03 – October 05
Industry and Business Area: -
Duties: -
Tesco Stores Ltd
July 03 – December 03
IT Consultant (Contract)
Industry and Business Area: -
Duties: -
March 02 – April 03
Software Engineer
Industry and Business Area: -
Duties: -
Office For National Statistics
Dec 00 – March 02
I.T. Consultant (Contract)
Industry and Business Area: -
Duties: -
Sema Group UK Ltd
Aug 98 – Sept 00
Senior Developer, Technical Team Leader
Industry and Business Area: -
Duties: -
Torex Health Ltd, Bromsgrove.
Nov 96 – Aug 98
Industry and Business Area: -
Duties: -
Misys Financial Systems, Worcester.
Jul 95 - Nov 96
Industry and Business Area: -
Duties: -

Gary Hurdman
May 2006

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