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About Gary

Who am I?

Let's be honest, who cares?

But for those mad, mad people who want to know (mainly those who work in the probation service), here is a little information.

My name is Gary Hurdman. I live in Great Barr, Birmingham with my wife Lisa and our two boys, Thomas and Ben. We used to live with a freaky 3 legged cat, but he went out one day and never came back. I reckon wherever he is, he's walking around in a big circle.

By day, I'm a Software Engineer and have worked with many technologies but specialise in C/C++ development on the Unix/Linux platform. I developed this site using Eclipse for text editing. I run Windows XP and Linux (SUSE) with PHP, Apache and MySQL servers running on both. See the C.V. for more information about my work stuff. If you're having trouble staying awake I'm afraid you won't be with us long as I work in IT.

By night, I get a bit "right on", campaigning for Trade Justice and Cycle/Road Safety. To help raise awareness for cyclist rights, I became a cycle instructor, teaching to National Cycling Standards for the NHS.

Cycling, obviously! Not only do I instruct people to cycle safely, I like to get out and about on a cycle too. I cycle on road and recently cycled from John O'Groats to Land's End with a few family members and friends as part of the Sheila's Wheelers Charity Cycle Ride. I also ride off road, but more XC than Downhill. I'm geting too old for broken bones.

Photography is also something of an interest. I suppose that makes me a bit of a nerd. Y'know, I'm already a nerdy programmer, add snapper to that and it make me geek squared. Though a techie, I still use film. Slide film for colour and traditional Black and White too.

Football? I'm a Birmingham City Fan. (See you in the Railway Stand). So no, I'm not really into football >;o)

Gary Hurdman
September 2006

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