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11th July 2008.
How did I manage that?
A world first?

Last week I had to drop the car off for a service on the way to work. So I dusted my trusty Brompton off (a folding bike, if you didnít know) and put it in the boot so that I could cycle from the garage to the tram stop.

Now Iím a competent, skilful cyclist. I cycle with grace and ease. To watch me cycle is like watching a ballet. Except thereís no choreography and the dancer wears cycle shorts[1].

So just how did I manage to run myself over?

As I pulled up to the kerb, I gracefully took my right leg over the back of the bike in readiness for a swift, moving dismount onto the kerb. I do it all the time. It looks cool and people usually line the kerb and applaud in appreciation of such finesse.

On this occasion, I allowed my right foot to drag across the road a touch and the short wheelbase of the folding bike caught me out. The back wheel ran my right foot over.

I wobbled, swerved a little, panicked even more but didnít get run over by a car or fall off the bike.

I didnít look cool. Not even a bit.

Keep Pedalin'


[1] To paraphrase Jack Handy

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