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19th October 2007.
Tom Loses Only Child Status.
Shock News From The Hurdman Camp

Tom Hurdman is to lose his status as Only Child. His parents, Gary and Lisa were too shocked for comment.

When asked what his feelings were on this sudden turn around of status, Tom’s only comment was “momomomomom”

Pressed further, he responded “Arrrrrrrrr dadadad. Uh.”, before suffering a rather explosive sneeze and falling backwards onto his nappy.

This correspondent believes those to be wise words indeed, for a chap in the face of such adversity and whose world is about to irreversibly change.

Tom Hurdman has been told he will keep Only Child Status until April, then he would be publicly stripped of the privilege and exclusive rights to parental attention would from then on be denied. He is going to have to share parental attention with a brother or sister.


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